Graphic Design
Layout Design

The Most Famous Man

An animation about pioneer aviator Lincoln J. Beachey, also known as the most famous man you've never heard of.

Oil Prices: What's going on?

An animation explaining the sudden drop in oil prices. Published by NRC, one of the biggest Dutch newspapers.

Prettig Wonen Keurmerk

An animation introducing the "Keurmerk Prettig Wonen".

Provincie Limburg Mobiliteitsplan

An animation introducing the plans for mobility for the province of Limburg.

Zweit veur Leid

I made this commercial video with StoryExperts. Click next for the Behind the Scenes.

Creating and perceiving reality

An animation used during a TEDx talk to illustrate the story being told there.


A Dutch animation introducing LivingWindow.

The Mumc+ Innovation Circle

A video/animation-combination introducing the Maastricht UMC+ Innovation Circle.

UM MyPrint

A video explaining the steps it takes to print using the RICOH MyPrint service at Maastricht University

Make Maastricht Yours!

Animation for mymaastricht, an information portal for new students in the city of Maastricht. Made with Dennis Wouters


An animation showing what KOMA is all about.

Student Award

I made this video with StoryExperts. I filmed parts of it and did the animation for the video

Edmond Hustinx Prize

I filmed the interview with StoryExperts and made the illustrations and animations for this video.


A Dutch animation introducing the design part of LivingWindow.

Guardian Zone

A series of animations for Guardian Zone: an app that empowers users to report emergencies directly to security of the venue they are in.

Niemand ist weg Filmposter

I designed the filmposter for the shortfilm Niemand Ist Weg, for which I did the lights and editing.

Niemand ist Weg [FILM]

A short film about a girl who struggles with her parents always fighting, so she decides to run away from home.

Paper Planes [FILM]

A short film about a man on a mountain who influences the lives of others by throwing paper planes. Click the 'next' button for the behind the scenes.

VAC Zuyd Infographic

Together with LivingWindow I created an infographic for the vertaalacademie (school of translation and interpreting).

Health Potential

An animation explaining Health Potential. If you click to play you can press the 'next' button for the Dutch version.

Maastricht Slackers

A logo design for the slackliners in Maastricht. Click to see the logo animate.


An animation for Memic Maastricht. I did all the illustrations and animation for this.

Flags of Europe

This is a short motion graphics test video I did for fun.

La Copa de Maastricht 2017

I made the aftermovie and pictures for La Copa de Maastricht 2017.

La Copa de Maastricht 2016

I made the aftermovie for La Copa de Maastricht 2016.

La Copa de Maastricht 2015

Besides this aftermovie, Dennis and I also made pictures. Click here to view the album.

La Copa de Maastricht 2014

Dennis and I were the photographers at La Copa de Maastricht 2014. You can see the album here.

La Copa de Maastricht 2013

La Copa de Maastricht is an annual student soccer tournament in Maastricht. This is the 2013 aftermovie. Made with Dennis Wouters.


Together with three other students I created this commercial for LifeStraw. If you click to play you can press the 'next' button for the behind the scenes.

LifeStraw Storyboard

Together with three other students I created this concept for a commercial for LifeStraw.

DFTBA T-shirt

I made this design for a t-shirt design contest and won the contest! Infographic

Together with LivingWindow I created an infographic for

ClubBar Logo

I was asked to design a logo for a new app called ClubBar.

Miljoenenspel fb design

A shareable facebook design made for Miljoenenspel. The pay-off is a pun combining a Dutch tradition with buying lottery tickets.

GVB facebook design

A shareable facebook design made for GVB.
3 red x's represent Amsterdam, beating the checkmarks: Rotterdam.

Brandfighters Fighterballs

I made a sticker design for a Brandfighters contest and my design won.

Mestreechter Taol

A set of eight interview videos for the presentation of the new website

Supply Chain Innovation - Interview

An interview with Mauk Wilbers, the author of Supply Chain Innovation.

SCI figures

I designed all the new figures for the second edition of the book Supply Chain Innovation by Mauk Wilbers.

Supply Chain Innovation

Together with a friend I did the complete layout and all the figures in this educational book.

The Color of Money Title Sequence

As part of a school project, I created an alternative title sequence for the movie "The Color of Money."

RoosenConsult Infographic

I made this infographic for RoosenConsult .

Job Bos logo

I designed my own logo to fit the style of this website. Click on the image to see the logo animate.

Mick Hummel logo animation

I made this logo animation for my friend Mick, who helped me make this website. Click here to go to his website.

Lars Bartels Logo

My logo design for Lars Bartels, an interior and exterior designer.

Gatefold Media

A little company a friend and I wanted to start. I designed the logo for it.


I designed the logo for StoryExperts.

Cephalus & Procris Animation

This school project was about re-writing and completely animating the myth of Cephalus and Procris, two lovers with a moving story.

Fever Ray Article

This was a school assignment, to design a fitting article lay-out for this article about artist Fever Ray.

FIFA 12 Article

I did some lay-out designs like this one in my spare time, to practice.

Soul Calibur Article

I did some lay-out designs like this one in my spare time, to practice.

Spinvis Article

This was a school assignment, to design a fitting article lay-out for this article about Dutch artist Spinvis.

Desk illustration

A simple desk illustration, just made as an exercise.

Futuristic drawings

I made these four drawings together with a classmate for a subject called 'Intervention Design'.

Digital Painting

I made this Assassin's Creed digital drawing as part of a school project.



Name Job

Surname Bos

City of residence Maastricht, the Netherlands

Date of birth 02 March 1992

City of birth Geldrop, the Netherlands

Nationality Dutch


VWO Gymnasium
Were-Di, Valkenswaard
Profile: Natuur & Techniek

WO Media & Culture
University of Amsterdam

HBO Communication & Multimedia Design
ZUYD University, Maastricht

Work experience

February 2015 - today
Officially registered as a freelancer

April 2016 - today
Head Designer

July 2014 - today
Freelance Illustrator and Animator
Story Experts

August 2014 - April 2016
Freelance Graphic Designer

January 2014 - March 2014
Freelance Illustrator and Animator
RTL Nederland

July 2013 - January 2014
Intern: Camera, Editing, Animation
RTL Nederland

June 2012 - January 2014
Freelance Web and Graphic Designer
Gatefold Media

March 2011 - July 2013
Open day employee
ZUYD University of Applied Sciences

I am not allowed to show some of the projects I've worked on due to copyrights, so these are put down here.
My other projects can be found under 'Work'

Other projects

Filmed three videos
Edited six videos
Multiple new design proposals

112: Noodoproep [RTL 5]
Build interviewset
Filming of interviews
Design proposals
Acting in two reconstructions

GTST: Springlevend
Filmed some Mystery Jumper parts
Several motion graphic parts
Helping in organizing a competitive event

Tattoo Stories [RTL 5]
Filmed on nine festivals
Editing of interviews

Sizz showreel
Part of the motion graphics

De 10 Manieren
Soundman of pilot-videos
Editing of several videos

Asielug [RTL 8/Telekids]

Horrornacht Mierlo


RTL Management Dagen
Editing of intro and outro
Title design

Transport & Logistiek Nederland
Soundman on reportage
Cameraman in studio
Title, leader and bumper design
Screensaver design

Dinonieuws [RTL 8/Telekids]
Color Correction
Audio post

De nationale opblijfavond
Part of the editing
Audio post
Designing a print ad for Spits
Designing a print ad for Metro
Designing a print ad for Telegraaf

Billboard motion graphic

Billboard motion graphic

Veldeke Cabaret
Multicamera director
Title design

Software Experience

Very experienced

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint


Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver
Sony Vegas Pro
Cinema 4D
Microsoft Excel
HTML / CSS / jQuery

Some experience

Adobe Audition
Avid Media Composer
Axure RP




CoC/KvK nr.:

Job Bos

+31 (0)6 28 48 07 84


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